first 2 weeks in Stellenbosch (AMAZING)

Hello everyone!

I've been in Stellenbosch for two weeks now and I can honestly say that it is one of the most cosy, warm, beautiful and happy places I've ever been. The atmosphere is very comparable to Leuven: a small but fun student city with lots of coffeeshops, good food, and party's. The weather and prices however are much better and I love the nightlife a lot more because it's more about poolparty's and houseparty's, what makes you interact with different people more and actually gives you the chance to talk to people in stead of screaming at them because of the noise and over crowdedness you get in bars. So first impression and experience: the perfect place for a semester abroad. 

So far everything has been perfect. The people, the weather, the food, the activities, the festivals, the campus, the parties, ... The best part of this experience so far however is the house I am in. We're with fifteen people in a beautiful, big house with a nice pool and a nice terras. The people are amazing. There are 7 girls and 8 guys, of which a lot are german but also some South-African, Dutch, Swiss, French and one other Belgian girl. From the moment I arrived up until now the atmosphere has been amazing and everyone is fun and crazy enough to make this house on big party everyday. It has only been 2 weeks but we really already feel like a family and I am soooo thankful that I applied for this house (and got it). We've also had some crazy hot days so then the pool comes in handy as well. 

The town and the university itself feel like a mixture between high school musical, American Pie, and sometimes even Geordie shore. Because of the heat, everyone is in summer clothes all the time which makes it feel like it's summer vacation for me since the only time I see people dressed like that is on vacation or on the rare occasions in Belgium when it actually stops raining and the sun comes out. There have also been parties everyday and when you're in a house with so many party people, it's hard to say no... Sometimes I come home from a class, everyone is drinking a beer at the pool, and suddenly someone shows up with the news that there is a big poolparty around the corner. So yes well, when you hear news like that, plans suddenly change and before you know it, you're at a party again meeting so many nice and fun people.
So some of you (yes mom and dad especially you) are probably making the remark: "aren't you supposed to be studying this semester? finishing your bachelor thesis and all that?" I just figured that now that the assignments and important classes haven't started yet, I'd make the most out of it while I still can. I've passed all my exams this year so far and I'm planning on keeping it that way   so don't worry. 

For some specific highlights that I want to share (I don't want to bore you with every detail since too many things have happened to share everything + we're having a BBQ in a few minutes  ) I will give you my top 3:
First of all, I think the welcoming diner that the Matie buddy's (the local students that take care of the international students) threw for us was one of the best evenings so far. Since the people from my house are all international and on exchange, we all went and had good food, nice wine, and even got taught how to play the Djembe. The evening turned into a big party where I got to meet so many of the international and local students and I got to dance my ass of (literally, they taught me how to twerk). Afterwards, we all went to Bohemia, a nice local bar where most people go to on a night out, and after that we went home to have a little poolparty at our house (where I unfortunately fell asleep very fast) but it was just a perfect evening.
The second highlight for me was the first trip we took to Capetown. It was again an event thrown by the Matie buddy's, where they took us to some of the best places in Capetown. First we went to the University of Capetown, where we did a hike that had the most amazing view, then we went to the beach where everyone could walk around, have some nice food and drinks, and get a bit of vitamin Sea (oh yaiss I just wrote that), and finally my friends and I went to a nice festival on the beach not far from there. The setting was just perfect. Good music, amazing people, dancing with a sunset, cheap and good food, ... It felt like I was in a movie and once again I can't explain how grateful I am to have had this experience.
Finally I think one of the best moments was the Sunday after that festival, when everyone was just getting some rest after the first week. We all woke up, watched movies the whole day, relaxed by the pool and did absolutely nothing. The reason why this day was such a highlight for me was because it was the first day that I really felt like I was at home and it was just perfect because it was so simple. 

For some highlights in the future, we're having our first house-braai today (A bbq, which people in South-Africa do all the time). I am also going wine tasting for the whole day tomorrow with one of the guys from our house, which I am really excited about because I am in one of the best wine areas in the whole world and I am again happy to meet a lot of new people again. Last but not least, my boyfriend is coming to visit me in 2 weeks and I am of course really excited to show him all the amazing places I've already been. We're also going to a festival again in Capetown when he's here so for now, my life really does feel like a modern fairly tale. 

For the rest, every day is a new adventure so I can't exactly tell you what else I will be doing (except for studying for sure mom)   Talk to you next time!

xxx Robin. 




Sounds like a fantastic time. You made me laugh out loud when you said you learned how to twerk!
Enjoy your time there! I hope it is better than you imagined (and thst you pass all your classes, which I'm sure you will!) Loads of love and a big hug!


I would literally give everything to enjoy a day in this paradise with you! I am so happy for you girl, especially that you can finally twerk now! I expect you to give me classes when you are back! Enjoy the sun, big hug xxx

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